Story Behind Way of Wade All City

Background of All City Series

Since NBA basketball player Dwyane Wade signed a lifetime contract with Li Ning Company in 2002, a variety of basketball hoops has launched, including Way of Wade, Wade 001, Essence, Shadow, and other collections that collab with renowned artists. Thus, a wider range of choices is provided either for basketball players at affordable prices. Way of wade all city series was born to expand the selection of best men's basketball shoes.

Design Inspirations

All City series are designated to the purposes mentioned, featuring great court performance and fashion footwear. Thanks to Dwyane Wade’s keen sense of fashion, All City series is viewed not only as basketball hoops but as a trend leader in styles. And most importantly, the series features affordable and cheaper brand shoes compared to Way of Wade series.  

The design language is consistent in each iteration as it tells the inspirational story of Dwyane Wade, and thus showcases the basketball shoe brand spirit, Make Your Own Way.

Remarkable Details

Though the basketball shoe price is lowered compared to the most premium series, the expectation and quality of the sneaker performance doesn’t come down.


The midsole of the footwear draws the most attention when it comes to court performance. Li-Ning has used the most advanced midsole cushioning technologies: LiNing CLOUD and BOOM.


In addition to the most advanced cushioning technologies of the shoes, the design of the outsole is worth mentioning.

Rubber outsole has increased the durability of playing in and outside of the court.


Unlike other shoes, the tread pattern on the outsole is designed to increase the grip that helps every hooper to move freely in any direction.  


Extra torsional and ankle supports are added to the silhouette for better stability, provided by TPU panels and Probar Loc on the foot arch.


1 thought on “Story Behind Way of Wade All City

Daniel Jones


My is Daniel Jones and I just wanted to say that the Way of Wade sneakers are so dope. I honestly prefer this brand of kicks over any other brand name sneakers. The quality and the style is way ahead of it’s time. Mad respect to you guys.

Question, when are y’all going to have the All City 11 Graffiti on the website to purchase? Now that design is my favorite. It’s crazy hot 🔥🔥🔥

August 23, 2023 at 00:51am

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