Story Behind Way of Wade 10


Be Confident, Be Bold, Believe in Yourself,
Be yourself, Don’t be afraid to evolve,
Be Strong, Do more, Do it with Love, Do
it with passion and Do it with Care!
------- Way of Wade 10 Evolution Tenet


10th Anniversarys Special Releasing

On the 10th anniversary of the brand, we’re thrilled to announce our revolution, Tenet, with the release of Way of Wade 10 basketball shoes, featuring one of the most competitive basketball shoes so far.

During the 10-year course, Way of Wade has engraved the spirit of evolving into the brand DNA under the lead of Dwyane Wade and Li-Ning company.

Design Inspiration

Inspired by evolution, Way of Wade 10 has integrated various profound learnings in the design language. The inspirations are derived from the nature, such as the shoe upper mimicking the pattern of dragonfly's wing, and the tread pattern of the outsole resembling the planery motion. The DNA patterns can be found on the shoe as well.


Premium Performance

Size 9.5 shoe weighs only 372 grams, and size 10.5 weighs 378.6 grams, thanks to the BOOM midsole.

Full-length BOOM cushion makes it bouncier and absorbs more shock than Way of Wade 9 basketball shoes. 

The carbon-fiber shank maximized the capacity of the repressiveness of BOOM cushioning by 7% more, which provides an excellent pick for quick and explosive players.

In terms of traction, the tread pattern on the outsole simulates planetary orbit that increases grip greatly.

The rubber outsole makes the grip stronger even on wet floors. Full-wrap TPU outside of the midsole and carbon-fiber plate provides excellent torsional support.

More to Come

Way of Wade 10 has released several colorways so far, including blossom, sunrise, team no sleep, 305, the first pick, white hot, mint and lavender. Each colorway has received a lot of attention.

More colorway of Way of Wade 10 is coming in the near future. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get first-hand information!


4 thoughts on “Story Behind Way of Wade 10


Do you stores in manila.. what location and branch???

August 23, 2023 at 00:52am

Bring Back Lavander WOW 10 pleaseeee <3

August 10, 2023 at 23:22pm

The purple color scheme of the Way of Wade 10 low is definitely my favorite shoe that u guys have and I was super sad to find out the you guys stopped selling that shoe. It u brought the purple way of wade 10 low back I would totally invest in a pair.

August 3, 2023 at 03:33am

Can I buy the black and violet the way of. Wade?

August 3, 2023 at 03:33am

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