Story Behind Wade 808 2

Origin of the Name

The name originated from the drum machine, Roland TR-808, one of the most influential inventions in popular music.

Roland TR-808 gained more public attention when Kanye West released his album 808S & HEARTBREAK in 2008.

It became the cornerstone of developing electronic, hip-hop, and R&B music genres.

So far, replicas of Roland TR-808 prevail in the market due to their excellent performance.


If we compare a team to a band, we see the similarities between Mr. Dwyane Wade and TR 808 because both of them are considered the “captain” of the team.

Thus, Wade 808 model is defined to be an exceptional basketball shoe in traction, grip, stepping comfort and cushioning.

For this reason, the team is excited and proud to bring Wade 808 2 to the public, in honor of the musician Kanya West and the NBA basketball player Dwyane Wade.

More Than the Replica

The element represents sound waves and the lines creating the feeling of speed up are added to the shoe. The design language aims to speak for the speed and bounciness of the players on the basketball court.  

Noticeable technologies

Besides the innovative changes in design, Wade 808 2 model has incorporated with the most advanced midsole technologies in sneakers, the drop-in midsole for customized wearing experience, the one-piece BOOM&CLOUD PLUS midsole and the carbon-fiber piece.

The regular model of Wade 808 2 features the drop-in CLOUD PLUS midsole.

Wade of Wade 2 Ultra features the drop-in BOOM midsole and carbon-fiber piece on the heel.


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