Why We Need Wade Fission 8


As the fourth branch of Way of Wade series, Wade Fission 8 carries its own destiny. How is it designed? Why do we need it? Here, we’ll break it down to three parts: shoe last, heel components, and toe box components, and analyze the relationships between these components inside Wade Fission 8 in a scientific, while interesting way.


Shoe Last

Shoe last, a three-dimensional model of a foot which shoemakers can refer to when they design and produce shoes, decides what types of foot a shoe can serve best. Usually, designs with narrow shoe last serve people with narrow feet, and likewise, people with wide feet will be more settled in shoes designed with wide shoe last. This also works with us in the sneaker, or professional sporting shoes, industry.

In the past years, Li-Ning applied shoe last No.1933 to improve the feel of wrap-up in Way of Wade professional basketball shoes, for example, Wade All City 11 “Sunrise”, which hit the professional sporting gear market. Shoe last No.1933 is typically a narrow-foot model, and this explains why some players need to go size up when ordering shoes from Wade All City 11series. But, we never forget about our wide footer friends. When designing Wade Fission 8, we replaced shoe last No.1933 (applied in Wade Fission 7) with shoe last No.1728, a shoe last that is wider and higher in forefoot palm, thus Wade Fission 8 has more room in the toe box compared with the last iteration, making it more suitable for players with wide feet. Also, a shoe designed with a wider shoe last doesn’t mean a decrease in the feel of wrap-up. Under the shoe upper of Wade Fission 8, we added crossed wires between the third and fourth eyelet, which connected the eyelets with both the back part of midsole fabric under forefoot palm and front part of midsole fabric under rearfoot palm. Therefore, the tightness of the shoe on the instep can be customized by adjusting shoe laces connected with the two groups of wires easily. The foam under the tongue also helps in reducing the pressure of tied shoe laces on instep as it is designed as a cushioning layer for instep.


Heel Components

To better understand the co-functions of the components inside the back part of the shoe, we cut Wade Fission 8 on the heel vertically. As showed above, following the order of outer-to-inner, we can identify nine components: TUFF OS rubber outsole, PROBAR LOC, left-to-right full-wrapped LIGHT FOAM PLUS midsole, rearfoot BOOM, HEEL LOC stabilizer, shoe upper, heel counter, collar foam, and heel lining and midsole fabric. The PROBAR LOC stabilizer extending from tip to heel wraps the huge upward midsole and TPU, providing strong support for the heel. Except for rearfoot BOOM, Wade Fission 8 is equipped with large and thick forefoot BOOM under LIGHT FOAM PLUS midsole. This forefoot BOOM is far more thicker than the forefoot LIGHT FOAM PLUS midsole, which offers more support for arch with the X-shape stabilizer.


Toe Box Components

In order to have a clear look at the organization of this unique midsole, we then cut Wade Fission 8 on the toe box vertically. Here we can see, although the BOOM is placed under LIGHT FOAM PLUS, it is designed upward on the outer side of the shoe, wrapping up the entire LIGHT FOAM PLUS and some parts of the vamp; the PROBAR LOC covers the upward part of BOOM on the outer side of the shoe, and then the upward outsole wraps PROBAR LOC and where the BOOM meets the vamp. All these ensure the even responsiveness of BOOM from every position. To keep it lightweight, we applied part of the LIGHT FOAM PLUS to reinforce the outer side of the shoe under forefoot palm instead of outsole. Plus the 7 mm toe-to-heel drop, Wade Fission 8 is stable in cushioning with great court feel. Coming to the outsole, the eight strip-shape rubber bar on the outer side of the shoe maximizes horizontal flexibility and vertical stability, preventing sprains and rollover by increasing the touched area between the TUFF OS rubber outsole and court ground.
Wade Fission 8 is designed for court-sports players with wide feet and high instep, favoring great court feel and low-cut flexible design. We play outdoors, and we need Wade Fission 8.


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Best outdoor basketball shoe.

September 17, 2023 at 01:37am

Worth every penny my son is so happy thank you

August 23, 2023 at 00:52am
Michele Napolitano


August 7, 2023 at 00:35am

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