From WoW 1 to WoW 10

WoW, an acronym for Way of Wade when referring to Way of Wade professional sporting shoe series. With the first Way of Wade shoe released in 2012, Way of Wade series is now in its 10th iteration, surpassing the court with glory and legends. What is the story behind each iteration? How is each of them designed? Riding the wave of “Make Your Own Way”, you’ll get a clue from the following parts.

Way of Wade 1

The personal signature shoe series jointly presented by Dwyane Wade and Li-Ning is named Wade of Wade, which is a reflection of D. Wade's basketball style and life philosophy. The signature shoe applies D. Wade's personal logo for the first time, and the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the logo represent the four letters, WADE. These also represents D.Wade’s most cherished four things in life: family, basketball, charity, and fashion.


Way of Wade 2

As the second iteration of Way of Wade series, WOW 2 is inspired by the dazzle camouflage painting on ships during World War I, and pays tribute to Dwyane Wade's variable playstyle. The camouflage of this kind can confuse rivals easily, making it impossible or difficult for the others to defeat, which is just like Dwyane Wade's playstyle. Cut, dunk, pass... you never know what his next step is.


Way of Wade 3

There is a saying in Tao Te Ching: One produced Two, Two produced Three, and Three produced All things. Based on this, Way of Wade 3 is even more meaningful to Dwyane Wade whose jersey number is 3. Continuing the classic structure of the first iteration and the dazzle camouflage concept of the second iteration, Way of Wade 3 innovatively adds the concept of fractal geometry to help Wade take down the defense line of opponents like bright and hard diamonds.


Way of Wade 4

The Way of Wade 4 is inspired by origami, which is an intuitive manifestation of human wisdom by folding and carving flat regular paper to make different shapes. Adding the simplest things into self-understanding and creation as a unique art is the essence of origami, and it is also in line with the slogan of Way of Wade, MAKE YOUR OWN WAY, and Dwyane Wade’s unpredictable basketball move. Less is more.


Way of Wade 5

Drawing inspiration from the Category 5 Hurricane, Way of Wade 5 helps Dwyane Wade perform his destructive playstyle on court. Wind is powerful in nature, and the one in level five is extremely destructive. It leaves with mess wherever it goes, and there is no practical defense against it. The elusive formation and appearance of the hurricane is just like D. Wade's basketball playstyle on court, unpredictable and difficult to avoid, which can be a disaster or nightmare for the opponent.


Way of Wade 6

Way of Wade 6 is designed by the Chinese designer, Joe Choo. Moving to Cleveland and embarking on a new journey in his career, Dwyane Wade needs better all-round performance shoes. On the premise of fully understanding the needs of players on court, Way of Wade 6 subverts the appearance design from the last iterations. Equipped with the innovative DRIVE FOAM technology, it brings the performance of professional sporting shoes to a new level.


Way of Wade 7

On April 11, 2019, Dwyane Wade played his last NBA game, marking the end of his 16-year legendary NBA career. The sneakers accompanied him in this unforgettable season were Way of Wade 7. This classic shoe witnessed Wade's "Last Dance" maximizes Dwyane Wade's personal logo, unforgettable in structural innovation, detail ingenuity, and shape outline. Meanwhile, Li-Ning's original technology, Li-Ning BOOM, debuted for the first time. It was placed under forefoot, which greatly improved the on-court performance of Way of Wade 7.


Way of Wade 8 & Way of Wade ∞

Way of Wade 8 is another masterpiece jointly presented by Li-Ning and Dwyane Wade. It is inspired by waveforms, such as thick mountains, turbulent waves, and the cycle of sun and moon. Its midsole with full-length BOOM provides up to 80% energy feedback to upgrade the actual on-court performance. After the launch event in LA COMPLEXCON 2019, it becomes a classic franchise of Way of Wade. Way of Wade ∞, which debuted together with Way of Wade 8, represents Li-Ning's persistence in innovation, constantly challenging the impossibilities.


Way of Wade 9 & Way of Wade 9 INFINITY

Way of Wade 9 and Way of Wade 9 INFINITY are the perfect interpretation of Way of Wade series breaking through limits and evolving constantly. They subvert the inherent cognition and explore the ultimate in purity, just like molecules constituting everything, creating infinite possibilities for professional sporting shoes. With Li-Ning's JIANG technology, the dual propulsion has evolved in an all-round way, breaking the boundary between basketball and fashion with its futuristic appearance.


Way of Wade 10

In the past 10 years, Li-Ning has accompanied Dwyane Wade to constantly break limits with the determination to become stronger, which has influenced YOUNG DWADE all over the world. Drawing inspiration from nature, the upper of Way of Wade 10 is as thin as a dragonfly's wings, winning it the lightest combat boot in the history of this series. Stronger propulsion, lighter weight and better materials, comprehensive protection, excellent anti-slip, Way of Wade 10 unfolds a bright new chapter for the brand.





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