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As Team Wade members, you must have heard enough, or even become an expert, on our outstanding BOOM technology. But, how much do you know about Way of Wade’ s technology on shoe upper? Have you read anything about ULTRA SHELL? What is DYNAMIC SHELL? How can COOL SHELL help the performance? In this article, we will introduce four main upper technologies we applied in our shoes in the recent years, and leave you with various options on different shoe series to search and explore.



Based on the mechanics of foot joint motion, DYNAMIC SHELL helps in ankle protection. By applying high-quality TPU structure, the ankle part of sporting players can be secured in a 3D dynamic way. DYNAMIC SHELL increases the stability of foot joint motion so that less injuries, such as tear and torsion, will occur. It also assists in better and quicker performance. Products equipped with this technology is Wade 808 2 Ultra V2 series, and it’s easy to identify the DYNAMIC SHELL around ankle with a velcro strap.



As a temperature-control technology, COOL SHELL solves the problem of rising foot temperature during exercise comprehensively. By forming a special breathable and temperature-controlling system with Ice Fiber to control the temperature around collar and tongue part and functioning structure to increase the speed of air flow in shoe upper and sole, the integral temperature inside the shoe can be decreased efficiently. As tested by SGS, this COOL SHELL with Ice Fiber is of 80% more in temperature reduction compared with other shoe materials, and shoe series applied with this technology is Wade Fission 8.



Applied with KPU Injection Molding, ULTRA SHELL is a special shoe upper. Its great breathability from mesh upper and strong rigidity from KPU is best maximized and combined to provide sporting players with comprehensive support or wrap-up feel during exercise, while maintain good court feel in games. Such technology can be identified in Wade Shadow 4 series with 10% less in weight and more durability.



Made of lighter and stronger carbon fiber compared with traditional TPU materials, sporting shoes with CARBON-FIBER PLATE are better in rigidity, cushioning, and torsion-resistance. CARBON-FIBER PLATE provides more stability and support during exercise, as well as better transmission of paddling force, which leads to less waste of energy and better performance on court. Shoe series equipped with this technology are Way of Wade and Wade 808 3 Ultra. The former’s CARBON-FIBER PLATE can be identified on the outsole, and the latter’s can be found on the outsole and on the outer side of the shoe.





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