Components of Wade All City 11 V2

Wade All City 11 V2, the updated version of Wade All City 11, is well-known for its strong lock-down and great cushioning ever since its release in September. With more than eight colorways, as eye-catching as “Chemical Reaction”, and as clean as “Ice Blood”, Wade All City 11 V2 is now popular on social media, as well as on courts and in games. In this article, we’ll tear and break Wade All City 11 V2 into three parts to find out what it has from the inner side to the outer side, and explore how these tiny pieces work together to assist in movements and better performance.  



Different from the upper material in Wade All City 11 the first version, which is fabric, the upper material of Wade All City 11 V2 is TPEE yarn-woven fabric (shown as ① in the picture above). Except for great breathability, TPEE yarn-woven fabric is well-known for its stability in structure, which assures strong support and superior flexibility of the shoe upper, providing sporting players with comfortable wrap-up feel, as well as great lock-down. Another important part on the upper is Heel TPU Support, which is at the back end of Wade All City 11 V2 and on the heel (shown as ② in the picture above). It not only functions as a pull-tab, but also provides more horizontal support around heel.


The midsole part of Wade All City 11 V2 consists of PROBAR LOC upper stabilizer (shown as ③ in the picture above), full-length BOOM midsole (④), and PROBAR LOC bottom stabilizer (⑤). Equipped with LI-NING BOOM technology, the midsole in Wade All City 11 V2 is 50% lighter in weight and 80% higher in responsiveness compared with traditional midsole material. It also improves the cushioning of Wade All City 11 V2 by 19%. The PROBAR LOC upper stabilizer and PROBAR LOC bottom stabilizer forms double-layer anti-torsion system. This assists sporting players landing safely and easily with more vertical support and less energy waste.


Heel TPU support strip (shown as ⑥ in the picture above), outer TPU support (⑦), surrounding-midsole TPU protector (⑧), TUFF RB outsole (⑨), and upward outsole rubber protection plate (⑩) form the outsole part of Wade All City 11 V2. Equipped with TUFF RB technology and patterned in “W”, the outsole of Wade All City 11 V2 is more durable with the help of upward outsole rubber protection plate. This provides sporting players with strong traction and consistent grip, which prevents slipping and rollover with TPU strips and bars as stability support.




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