Way of Wade Clothing Technology



As players are eager to get more professional sporting gears, a 3D cutting structure based on Ergonomics is invented to maximize flexibility and comfort in sporting movements. Pants and shorts in 3D FITTING provide sporting players with more room around knees and in the bottom part so that the players can stretch, step, and jump freely and comfortably on court.



For outdoor sports in summer, burns are one of the main injuries that sporting players concern, and should be prevented. AT. -UV is a technology that can effectively block ultraviolet radiation, reducing UV harm to the skin and protecting sporting players from getting burned.



AT DRY is a fast dry and cooling technology that helps quick perspiration evaporation. To be specific, fabric with AT DRY technology is outstanding in moisture absorption, sweat wicking, and rapid drying. It applied the principle of Capillarity (Siphon Effect) to quickly export the sweat on the surface of skin, and then evaporate it with the fabric surface, preventing the fabric sticking to the skin and keeping the body dry and cozy. It also effectively reduces sporting players’ high body temperature in summer so that they can stay dry, cool, and comfortable during exercise.



Expanded from AT DRY technology, AT DRY FREEZE technology focuses on keeping the fabric cool. Holding all the advantages from AT DRY technology, AT DRY FREEZE technology enables rapid heat dissemination so that sporting players can feel cool and comfortable during summer season on court.



Updated from AT DRY technology, AT DRY ULTRA is an intelligent moisture removal and rapid drying technology which by using novel fiber with special sections to guide the rapid evaporation of body moisture and sweat, so as to keep sporting players’ body dry and comfortable. Meanwhile, the function of this technology is free from the impact of accumulative washing times so that nothing can hinder sporting players from better performance.



Hygiene is an important aspect in the applied safety of sporting gears. AT. -BACTERIA is an anti-bacteria technology that inhibits bacteria growth, keeping clothing and accessories clean, safe and odor free. To be specific, AT. -BACTERIA technology can prevent the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria. By applying post-processing or functional fibrils, it reduces the chance that Staphylococcus Aureus, Candida Albicans, or Escherichia Coli grows on sporting gears.




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