WOW 10 Details

 5 Things You Need to Know
about WOW 10

The idea of evolving constantly has been engraved into the DNA of Way of Wade brand.
Aiming to be the best performing shoes in the basketball field, Way of Wade 10 has evolved greatly compared to the last generation.
On the 10th anniversary, we're proud to announce that we've made 5 revolutionary improvements to the shoes.

Evolution I: Lost in Weight

1. Guided by how a dragonfly hunts in about 0.5s once a prey is spotted,
Way of Wade 10 shoes adopted an ultra-thin fabric seamless waving,  assembles the dragonfly’s wings.
2. The full-palm carbon plate is revealed through the carved hollow of the outsole.
You could see the numbers 06, 12, 13 (Dywane Wade's championship year),
which are printed on the carbon fiber plate.

Evolution II: Advance in Material

1. Adding curved full-palm carbon fiber plate
in the midsole to enhance support and pressure conduction. 
2. The use of TPU foaming insole and EVA material on the shoe side increases stability and comfort. 
3. The rubber on the outside of the forefoot is specially treated to create a stone texture
symbolizing the spirit of toughness,
just like Dywane Wade's tough attitude in court.

Evolution III: Improve in Protection

1. The extended TPU wrap on the side improves the stability, 
featuring the shape of a key.
It means that evolution is a continuous process where endless exploring and learning take place. 
Meanwhile, the shape of the key pays tribute to the story that Miami Heat keeps the key for Wade after his retirement.
2. The heal is also equipped with carbon fiber material to provide support. 

Evolution IV: Increase in Traction and Bouncing

1. BOOM technology ensures strong bounce ability and better cushioning.
Compared to WOW 9 shoes, WOW 10 is 7% higher in bounce ability and improves 4% in cushioning.  
2. Parametric designed outsole pattern assembles planetary motion's shape,
increasing the grip. 
3. 50mm toe spring helps to increase traction. 

Evolution V: Dedicate to Design

1. If you turn around the shoe to the back,
TPU wrapping, the tenet of “how to make your own way” is written on the left shoe,
and the symbol “ten” is placed on the right shoe.
2. On the side of the shoe, you could see a lightning design.
The pattern is made of color-changing material,
which reflects the light during the movement.