What is Li-Ning BOOM?

What is Li-Ning BOOM?

BOOM is the revolutionary performance midsole technology in sneakers, developed by Li-Ning company. We iterate basketball shoes with BOOM technology and aim to push the concept of “Make Your Own Way” even further.

An innovative midsole material

Li-Ning BOOM is a light, durable and ultra-responsive midsole material. It’s called “Thermoplastic Elastomer”, developed by Li-Ning company.

“BOOM” mimics the energy explosion sound. It signifies the “explosion” of the energy when the material is recovered after being compressed.

A super springy cushioning system

“BOOM” works like a mini trampoline. Imagine you walk, run, jump and shoot on a trampoline under your feet. When the BOOM midsole is compressed and it springs back and pushes you forward.

The booster of your performance

It reduces the loss of energy AKA more energy return, you feel less fatigue and more responsiveness underneath your feet during the game.
It absorbs the force generated during the movement to relieve the strain on your body.  

All in all, BOOM allows you to work out the same but with less effort.

 An important role in CTS

BOOM plays an important role in the designing philosophy - creativity shapes tomorrow.

Cushioning is important but a higher stack is bad for playing basketball, where you make a lot of turns and sudden stops. But as comfort and energy return become the universal language in basketball shoes and other sneakers, BOOM midsole is the right material that withstands all the impact pressures and still makes you feel as light as a feather, as fast as a flash.

Shoes equipped with BOOM cushioning system. {Product Link insert}

Stunning Facts about BOOM (*Li-Ning Institute of Sport Science.)

  • It weights50% less compared to the traditional shock-absorbing material in sneakers.
  • It returns as much as 80%of the original energy.
  • It remains unchanged after 30,000hits!